tech stress

As a married mother of two, with three dogs and a business, I often feel my own head spinning. The constant chatter of what will I make for supper tonight? What time does cheer start so I can have the car home in time for my daughter to get there. When is hockey this week? Do we have enough canvases in stock for this weeks classes? What are we running low on, it takes so long to get an order in? What should I make for supper? And a million more. When does it stop?


Well, when I choose to make it stop. In a world of technology designed to keep us connected to everyone and everything…I can’t help but sometimes feel disconnected to the ones that matter the most. My family and friends. Am I really being present when my kids and husband are talking to me, or is the chatter still filtering in. One of my happy places is hockey. The phone gets turned off. No one can call or text me. I am living in the moment. How can we live more in the moment?

canvas moment

At Clay Cafe we want you to embrace the moments. Chat with a friend or child. Paint a memory that will last a lifetime. In 15 years when you look up at that hand-painted piece, it takes you back to a moment-in-time, and you relive that moment again when you spent 2 hours with your child painting it.

pottery moment

Remember how you both laughed when she said something funny? Remember how you let her pick out her own colors and you marveled in the beauty of what she made just for you. These are the real-world connections we need to be making now. Not just ‘Liking’ more virtual things on the internet.


Please join us at Clay Cafe Avalon, and let us help you engage in some memory-making activities today, so you can connect with what really matters.