How much does it cost?
We are always gettomg new products in so prices may vary, but this is usually the price range:
Mugs $26-$40
Bowls $28-$35
Plates $25-$40
Home Decor $25-$40
Figurines $24
Banks $26-$40
Do I need to make an appointment?
No appointment necessary! Just drop by any time we are open and our friendly staff will explain how easy it is to paint a memory. You’ll only need to book time if you are planning a large group visit so we can make sure we have space saved for your visit!
How long does it take to get my piece back?

Pottery pieces can be picked up individually or as a group and will take up to 10 days. Be sure to find out when to come back and pick up your pieces. We keep pieces for 30 days after a party. Slime, canvas and make and take parties get to take their projects home that day! .

Clay building parties have to return at a later date (usually 2 weeks) to paint their creations once they have been dried and fired.

How long do you keep the pieces after I paint them?
Our pick up policy is that we hold on to all pieces for 30 days after your pick up date. We try to hang on to them as long as we can, but please remember to pick up your piece on the date given to you the day you paint!
I booked a class but need to cancel, can I get a refund?
Most of our classes only require a small deposit and those are NON refundable but you are welcome to give your seat to a friend. Deposits pay for our booking fees for goats, psychics, supplies, food etc.
What are your hours?

Monday – Saturday: 12 PM – 9 PM
Sunday: 12 PM – 6 PM

Do you take reservations?
During COVID we have been taking reservations for larger groups, but typically we do not take reservations for our main studio seating because we never know when we are going to be really busy and have no seating or how long people will stay to create their masterpieces, which makes reservations a little more challenging for us, but you can also book our party room or classroom any time.

We provide canvas parties, slime parties, clay, glass, board art and pottery painting parties. We can also custom design a class for your group or create a fun THEME project. For example, host a Harry Pottery Party. Find 6+ people and book your party today.


During regular business hours (12-9pm) our party room seats 20 MAX, including parents, and our smaller class room seats 16 MAX. Depending on your group size, your party may be in one or the other.

Private full studio bookings are for 20 or more guests and are available Saturdays and Sundays 10am-11:30pm


If there will be a lot of parents attending with younger children, a Sunday morning party will provide more space for all your guests.