My Dad

He doesn’t need a new shirt or a tool. What Dad’s really want is hand made. Trust me, I know this first hand from my own father. A few years back, I had my sister sneak to my parent’s house and mail me all of our photo albums from when we were kids. I made him a video put to four country songs, because we love our country music. I made one of my sisters call me while he opened his gift and played it. I sang all the songs and knew every photo that was being shown throughout every word. After all, it took me months of getting it timed just right and copying photos. Well everyone was in tears. It was “THE BEST GIFT I EVER GOT” he said. Whenever family came to visit, he would show them. He still watches it every couple of months and when I come home every summer to visit, we watch it all together as a family. The best gifts really are home-made and thoughtful.

Daddy and Me

So surprise Dad with a unique, hand painted gift from CLAY CAFÉ this Father’s day! Get your hands or feet messy, and paint a masterpiece that is sure to melt Daddy’s heart. Does he like coffee? Who doesn’t, right? Make a new favourite coffee mug, or a 10 reasons I love you plate, for him. Let your love and creativity lead the way!


Just as Dad will always treasure his present, he will also treasure time spent painting with you. CLAY CAFE is a great place to visit on Father’s Day, for painting a memory with the kids, and painting that perfect gift for your #1 DAD!